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Who We Are


Venture Academy is a post-secondary program that helps young adults ages 18-22 succeed in school and life. We are a part of the Placentia Yorba Linda Unified School District, but we are more than just a program: we are an educational support network that assists young adults with disabilities as they transition into adult life. Our highly qualified and trained staff applies education to real life and guides our students successfully into career and life pathways.


We help students with disabilities in the following areas:

  • Work experience training at local businesses
  • Recreation/Leisure activities
  • Accessing the local community (shopping, banking, library, etc.)
  • Household skills to encourage independent living
  • Getting around on public transit
  • Connections to community agencies that can help our students
  • Linkage to classes and training programs through community colleges



Venture  encourages students to be as independent as possible in the community. The level of support each student receives is based on individual needs. Venture students are adults, but we encourage parent involvement in helping them complete their education.


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